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Basketball Private training sessions are designed to allow players to improve their individual skill set, personalized to what they need. Private training sessions are for players of all skill levels. Vancouver Elite coaches are asked to challenge each player according to his or her level of skill.

Our one-hour basketball private coaching sessions are limited to 1 player per session. We offer multiple date and time slots throughout the week for basketball private coaching in Vancouver, BC.

Features of our Private Basketball Training program include:

Our basketball private training sessions are based on the basics of the game. Vancouver Elite coaches guide players to absorb the fundamentals in a fun and challenging environment. We focus on the details while teaching the game so that eventually, it becomes muscle memory.

ONE ON ONE Private Basketball Workouts in Vancouver, BC

Players will always get the opportunity to bring their newly learned concepts and skills to a game-like situation. Vancouver Elite coaches foster a controlled, competitive environment while also valuing team-like language and conduct.


A typical private basketball training session in Vancouver, BC includes ball handling, personalized work, around the basket finishes, moves, shooting form/ technique and more.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE | Private Basketball Training in Vancouver, BC

We offer multiple private basketball coaching sessions per week that you can choose from. Please click “Book Training” to sign up now.

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